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About Me

I am passionate about paper.  I use my own books as planners and journals, and proudly admit to it each time some one asks.  My husband is resigned to the fact that I will always return from any traveling venture with a tube filled with new paper destined for a creation to be loved in someone's hands...made by me.

Custom Binding

Over the past ten years I have taken my lifelong love of paper to a new dimension.  I am now shaping those sheets of paper into custom books and box containers for your special occasion or need, whether it is a memoir to be passed to future generations a journal, album, or guest book.  Limited editions are also available for you to share, enjoy and pass on.


  Repair and restoration are the basis of all binding.  Knowing  book structure from the inside out is what gives one the skill to assess, mend, and rebuild what may appear to be a ruined personal treasure.The reaction of returning an entrusted family heirloom, restored for continued use is the joy of keeping paper books alive.


Holiday 2023 Workshops


December 16, 2023- Saturday 1-4pm $65 4 spots available
Flower Box-see below- the box is the gift, but also can hold another gem.
No previous experience necessary.  All materials provided.
5 People Maximum. 
Register at:
Classes will run with a minimum of 2 students.
Cancellation of the class will occur if less than two persons have registered by three days prior to the class date.  
Refunds will be given for any cancellation more than 48 hours prior to class start time and date.
Note- if you have a group and would like to set up a private class on a different date than the scheduled classes please email me for details.
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