About Me

I am passionate about paper.  I use my own books as planners and journals, and proudly admit to it each time some one asks.  My husband is resigned to the fact that I will always return from any traveling venture with a tube filled with new paper destined for a creation to be loved in someone's hands...made by me.

Custom Binding

Over the past ten years I have taken my lifelong love of paper to a new dimension.  I am now shaping those sheets of paper into custom books and box containers for your special occasion or need, whether it is a memoir to be passed to future generations a journal, album, or guest book.  Limited editions are also available for you to share, enjoy and pass on.


  Repair and restoration are the basis of all binding.  Knowing  book structure from the inside out is what gives one the skill to assess, mend, and rebuild what may appear to be a ruined personal treasure.The reaction of returning an entrusted family heirloom, restored for continued use is the joy of keeping paper books alive.


Fall 2021 Workshops


These in-person workshops will be limited to 4 people due to space contraints.
October 19 & 21, 2021 6-9 pm pm
Basic Bookbinding IA
Single Pamphlet & Tacket Stitch Bindings
Make two books learning useful, basic binding techniques.
No adhesives will be used on either of these binding formats.
No previous experience necessary- All materials provided.
4 Person Maximum
October 26 & 28, 2021 6-9 pm $90-
Basic Bookbinding IB
Accordion Book & 5 Hole Pamphlet
Make two books learning useful, basic binding techniques.
No previous experience necessary- All materials provided
4 Person Maximum
November 2 & 4, 2021 6-9 pm -not running due to lack of enrollment
Button Hole –Hardback 
Create a unique, lay-flat journal with an open spine stitch.
Previous experience highly recommended.
All materials provided
4 Person Maximum
November 16, 2021 6-9 pm $80
Crossed Structure
This is a leather softback structure. 
The signatures are sewn directly into the case.
Previous experience recommended.  All materials provided 
November 18, 2021 6-9 pm $60
Hand Torn Softback Journal
Create a beautiful deckled edge journal.  
Previous experience recommended- All Materials provided
4 Person Maximum
Register at:
Classes will run with a minimum of 2 students.
Cancellation of the class will occur if less than two persons have registered by three days prior to the class date.  
Refunds will be given for any cancellation more than 48 hours prior to class start time and date.